Processing systems for
industrial foams and
insulating materials

or: Why can't everything be so straightforward!?

Do you know this situation? In your company which processes insulating materials, new tasks arise or there are actually problems with the processing sequence.
In such a situation, what you want first and foremost is a solution. SMB-DAVID provides it – guaranteed, quickly and to the point.

or: So many things
to choose from!

The exciting thing about our work is that there is nothing that is not available. Today, there are materials on the market which nobody had any inkling of five years ago. The good news for our customers: We have got the right machines for the job.

Machine technology:
or: It's good that someone is keeping an eye on everything

Developing a single machine and taking it into operation is one thing. Designing a complex system and calibrating it precisely to the customer's procedures, on the other hand, is a real challenge. And our bread and butter.

or: Why that doesn't
surprise us

We do not waste time on blandishments. On the other hand, real recognition by customers and experts is an important driving force for the team at SMB-DAVID. So, let others speak on our behalf. Indeed – we are rather proud of it ourselves!

or: Ready for long-term

If you are looking for your "life partner", shouldn't you also take a careful look at the topic of automation? What do we have to offer? Our analyses start earlier
– our services have a farther reach because we regard ourselves as a universal technology partner.