When you recognize
expertise at first sight

The three letters in SMB stand for what we can do best: Special-Machine-Building.
Our engineers and technicians develop, produce, install and maintain all kinds of machines
for processing insulating materials.

When creativity 
meets perfection

For SMB-DAVID, the "Made in Germany" label is as valuable today as it was 150 years ago. A seal of quality and a promise standing for the technical perfection of our machines and consistent attention to the customer's needs.
Would you like to hear an open secret? Our engineers are constantly learning new things in this process – and passing on their knowledge to SMB's customers so that each production and installation sequence ends up with the highest process safety, long-lasting durability and optimum cost effectiveness.

Calibrating station    Roller draw-off
Paternoster    Transport systems
Rotary table    Pre-shredder
Cut-to-length station    Center saw
Stamp    Hot wire cutting machine
Scoring unit (scoring)
Surface plane    Groove cutter

Steel fabrication    Tube section unit
Long side processing
Short side processing
Stacking unit    Noise protection
Pallet store/separator    Waste shredder
Protective grille arrangement
Handling units    Accessories